Patents and utility models protect technical inventions

Whether in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, process engineering or electrical engineering – it is worth patenting technical innovations and inventions to ensure your success. This always starts with the patent application process – as an experienced patent attorney firm, we are a competent and experienced partner at your side.

We help you to
fully protect your technical ideas

The first step when protecting your innovations and inventions is to carefully draft the patent application so as to protect yourself against copycats. Moreover, the application is a determining factor for the value of the patent. This requires a detailed understanding of our clients’ technology, as only with this understanding are we able to translate their technology into valuable patents or utility models. We ensure that these requirements are met by providing quality and continuity. In terms of quality, you benefit from our expertise and many years’ practical experience in the field of industrial property law. And we provide continuity through our long-term partnership with you – this allows us to deepen our understanding of your field and the relevant technologies.

To ensure your success, our patent attorneys will assist you all the way from the idea through to the grant of the patent or utility model and also take on the task of enforcing and defending your rights.

  • Patent searches
  • Freedom to operate analysis
  • Drafting of applications
  • Handling of examination processes
  • Opposition and revocation proceedings
  • Assistance with patent infringements

Want to take advantage of our service for patents and utility models? Then contact our firm – we will help you to best protect your ideas and ensure your success.

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Trademarks serve to distinguish your company or your products and services from those of your competitors.

Your success is not just down to your products or services themselves, but also to marketing. Trademarks are an important marketing tool because labelling your products/services with distinctive trademarks makes them recognisable in the marketplace. To maintain this recognition and prevent it from becoming diluted, your trademarks also require ongoing care and attention.

Safeguard your trademark’s presence and thus your unique positioning in the marketplace

We are there to assist with working out a suitable trademark strategy to make and keep your company or your products and services recognisable in the marketplace.

  • Trademark and similarity searches
  • Preparation of goods and services lists
  • Handling of examination, opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Assistance with trademark infringement proceedings worldwide

Contact us for advice with a view to working out the best way to protect your trademark.

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Design protects the appearance of an item.

The design protects the individual external appearance of your item or your product. It ensures that customers and buyers recognise it at a glance. But for that to remain the case and to prevent competitors from using your design, you need to protect it – by registering it. We would be happy to assist you with this.

Products are perceived thanks mainly to their external appearance, so this is particularly valuable. Design patents help you make it difficult for others to copy your products. This enables you to create a unique selling proposition.

Your contact for full design protection

Our patent attorney firm is there to assist with analysing your products for possible ways to obtain full design protection and working out a suitable design strategy to make life difficult for potential copycats. In doing so, we take care of:

  • Similarity searches
  • Preparation of design applications
  • Handling of examination processes
  • Conducting of revocation proceedings
  • Assistance with design infringement proceedings

Need design protection for your products? Then look no further – we would be happy to advise you and find a way to obtain full design protection for your intellectual property.